eggs's avatar Brian Eglinton
23 Sep 2011
Adelaide, SA
Telco Engineer

Eggs's Climbs

Walkandi Peak

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Summited Aug 30, 2016

Climbed in rain from Aroona Hut to spend the night on the eastern shelf below the peak. Climbed the peak in the dry spell in the morning before the rain set in for the return to Aroona Hut

4 hrs 30 min



7.8 km


Aroona Hut


Bartle Frere

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Summited Aug 2, 2016

Eventually got to do this climb as a solo day trip starting from Josephine Falls. Starting at 7:50 am, I took 2 Gatorades plus water and lunch. Easy enough to the turn off to Broken Nose, but got much steeper and rougher after that. A humid day that took a lot out of me. The final climb to the top was up a steep eroded clay slope. 5hrs 15 to the top and no views from there, but some extensive views from the boulder field and near the hut.
Had some bad cramping on the start down, and due to gloom in the shadow of the mountain, exhaustion and a very steep root face, had a fall backwards landing on my backpack against a tree. Very fortunate. Got down just on dark to find I had left the lights on all day and had a flat battery. Again - fortunate to have some help to recharge enough to kick over the engine.

9 hrs 24 min



16km return


Josephine Falls Car Park


Walsh's Pyramid

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Summited Feb 22, 2014

2 hours to climb to the top and 2 hours down as I met up with a companion. The walk was the wettest I have ever done. No rain - but very high humidity. Was going nicely up to half way but had to push through a mental wall for the last sections. No view due to cloud, but the variation of vegetation and the granite outcrops are fascinating.

4 hours



6.4 km return


Car park at base


The Bluff

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Summited Apr 6, 2012

Following the Heysen trail from the Old Nursery park, it was an easy climb up to the ridgeline and Frypan Hill. 370m and 7km in 2 hrs 10. Wind was very strong. A further 160m climb and 4km in 1hr 20 to the top. Came down along the tower access road by moonlight. 6km in 1 hr 25 min.

5 hrs not including breaks



17.2 km


Old Nursery


Mount Falkland

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Summited Sep 21, 2011

Day 3 after starting late afternoon along Blinman Pools and then to Dead Goat Soak on Day 2.
The climb past Nintenta Peak was scrubby with very steep slabs as was the section around Mt Bell. The last approach to Mt Falkland we took the scrubby west side of the ridgeline, but should have swapped to the east side for a more open walk. Getting down was also tricky - picking a clear break in the cliff line a few hundred metres north of the peak and then ramping back south to find a major gully down to clear the next cliff line and then traversing south onto the obvious spur towards the Wild Dog Creek gap in the ABC Range

9.5 hours with breaks. 7 hours walking



14 km


Dead Goat Soak to Angorichina


Mount Bryan

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Summited Oct 6, 2010

As part of a 3 day Heysen Trail walk starting from Black Jack, last day started with a short drive from the Old School at Mt Bryan East to the roadside track junction. Climbed it early to get the sunrise and a cuppa before returning to the car by the same route. It was grassy, moist and green. So a bit slippery on the steep slopes in places, but a delightful walk none-the-less.

2 hrs up, 40 min down



2 km one way


Road side Heysen Trail marker on the eastern face