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5 Jan 2013
4 May 1982
Townsville, North Queensland
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Bartle Frere

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Summited Jan 2, 2013

From the eastern side, Josephine Falls carpark it took 6hrs 38mins return including 42mins on the summit taking photos & having lunch.. Bit slower as it was raining and we had a group of 4 of us and one who was not overly impressed with the leeches so we spent a bit of time stopping for her..
Last time I did it, in November 2010 i went solo and it took 5hrs 38mins return, also from the eastern side.
Both times I've had less than 10m vision once you get to the boulder hopping section. They say the view is only good for around 6-9days of the year in total so you have to pick well or be lucky.
Lots of tree roots & a few tougher sections but anyone with moderate to good fitness will make it. But I'd be looking at more like 9hrs unless very fit.
Also it can be very cold on the summit even when it's 30+ deg at the car park.
Happy climbing! :-)




On at 9:26am jez wrote:

Hey that's a sweet climb report, thanks. I'm doing the State 8 (highest peak in each state and territory) and Bartle Frere will be my last, after doing my 7th in May. Not sure when I'll do it though, later this year or next. It sounds like a good one to leave to save to last because it sounds like a cool hike - mountainous with a different weather conditions at top from bottom, and a good solid climb up. Thanks for joining PeakClimbs and sharing!